Grace, Joy, and Healing: My Darkest Times by Mari Artime

Hey friends when you have a chance and stop by to support Maria Artime,
Her story will break your heart as it did mine.Please pass along and share.
Please also stop by Mari’s Blog which is the link below featured.
This is Mari’s sister, Michelle. We are fundraising for Mari. She is fighting for her life, and time is really running out. My family needs your help, in any way that you can. We don’t know what else to do, so we turn to you. We just can’t afford the treatment centers that could mean the difference between life and death. Every little bit at all would help. Please read her story and share with your friends, family, etc. Thank you SO much.

A unique and inspirational diary chronicling the experiences, joys & frustrations of living with an inoperable brain tumor proving that in the hardest of moments, we can also live the fullest of lives.

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