Book Review: Fat Chance Charlie Vega| Bookmark & Sparks

Fat Chance Charlie Vega is a coming of age YA story about being Latina aka brown skin with body conscious issues. Charlie is beautiful, smart, ambitious, a great writer and best friend to Amelia. But Charlie lacks confidence in herself as she always compares herself to everyone’s favorite Amelia. I initially got the book because the synopsis reminded me of a family member and her mom, and it was very stereotypical of the latina fat shaming. The story was one that pulls at your heartstrings, make sure to have tissue handy around chapter 45ish. I’d be the first to tell Charlie to stop comparing herself to others and to not think that she lacks in any way.

Now lets talk about Brian! The boy who truly likes her, Brian is someone who’s always been there, a classmate, but she never noticed. Brian, the Korean Boy with lesbian mothers, different but the same. Not until they find themselves working together in the same office. As they become friendly and have great chats, does Charlie finally notice that he’s into her. Brian is artistic, thoughtful, friendly and caring, what can go wrong, right? Let’s just say communication is key!

I really did enjoy this book, and I think it helps bring attention to personal insecurities that youth have to face (adults too). Very relatable issue with family conflict, friendship, love and acceptance.

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