We Need to Stop Hating


My heart goes out to the families and communities of the 8 people shot in Atlanta yesterday. Its disgusting to hear of such hateful crimes and domestic terrorism happening so frequently here in the United States.

I stand in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander.
Bullying, assaults, verbal abuse, and hate HAVE become the “norm” across the U.S. And hate crimes continue to skyrocket without much being done and often excused by police.

WE ALL HAVE TO DO BETTER and help bring a stop to this world that permeates hate & violence towards people who are NOT WHITE! We’ve seen this behavior many times with crimes against Hispanics, Blacks, Jewish, Middle Eastern, and now an uptick in the Asian culture. Racism of any kind is abhorrent and should not be tolerated. But WE you and me have to help others stop the hateful words and actions. Support one another cross culturally, cause if you are a minority and speak ill of another also in a minority than you are just as guilty as the White Man. Learn to accept, embrace and love the differences in each other.

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