Book Review: The Practice Kiss by Sara Martin

If you’re like me and love to binge on romance K-dramas then this is the book for you. The novel The Practice Kiss by Sara Martin, follows the arrival of Chloe Gibson to South Korea from the U.K to begin her new job as an English teacher. Only to find herself having been scammed out of a job,money and out on the streets on day 1.

Not wanting to call her family abroad for help she wanders the streets of Seoul unsure of what to do or where to go. Until a stranger by the name of Seo Minjung a talent recruiter for KAM Entertainment, who has approached her as she looks like a foreign character they need to cast pronto. Inviting Chloe to stay the night at her place and offering to help her out for a few days. Chloe agrees to read for the foreign girls part in an upcoming drama series “Hidden History” where she meets lead actor (aka K-drama heartthrob)Shin Jinseung.

A romance with Shin or any leading heartthrob is basically forbidden in the entertainment industry. But you’ll have to read to find out how things develop when Chloe is faced with a kissing scene as the drama’s story develops on-screen and off!

The story has a good pace but needed a bit more development. In all, it was enjoyable and look forward to finding out how things develop further in book 2 The Dating Drama.

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