Book Review: A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow

A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey

I recently picked up this sweet read and loved it! I mean a YA book about a Cuban girl, I can totally relate (says any Cuban girl from Miami aka me) A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow 17 yo Lila Reyes is a character that is very relatable to me as well as her experience with first love. Her trifecta of pain, the death of her beloved Abuelita, the breakup of her first love Andrés, and the betrayal of her best friend. Lila prepares to take over the family business Panaderia La Paloma with her sister Pilar.

Lila is devastated by the events that have completed her High Schools year, her parents worried about her mental health ship Lila off to Winchester England to stay with her “tia” Cate for the summer “para que se destraiga” at Cate’s English Inn the Owl and Crow. Little did Lila know that the lack of Miami sunshine would bring her a star by the name of Orion in England.

Not sure what to expect in Winchester Lila dives into what she knows and loves best, Baking!
Taking refuge in the Crows kitchen and finding solace in recreating the pastries she learned from her Abuela for the Inn’s guest but with an English twist. Enter Orion Maxwell the son of a tea shop owner, the handsome boy with storm blue eyes, and the coziest grey sweater Lila will ever wear.

I loved Laura’s perspective of the young Lila bringing authenticity and culture as well as self-discovery. This is my first book read, written by Laura but I was left wanting more. I’m Looking forward to a follow up on the Lila and Orion story

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