STYLE IT! Launch your own Fashion Business!


Launch your own fashion
business as a stylist

Let’s talk business and passion and flexibility and fabulous rewards. We think life is too short not to have all of that go together. Launch your own social selling business as a Stella & Dot Stylist and create the success you deserve. Our empowered community of entrepreneurs is ready to cheer you on every step of the way.

It’s a big country- and it needs a lot more style 🙂 We just did the math… and guess what- our young company has lots of growing to do! In order for Stella & Dot to reach just 10% of our target market once per year in North America– each Stylist we have would have to do over 42 trunk shows a month, each, every single month! Since 70% of our Independent Style entrepreneurs layer on S&D to another… job, many love doing just 2-4 fun style sessions a month. So, we need 20x’s the # of Stylists just to reach 10%. If you know someone who wants passion, style, flexibility and rewards in her life– pass this on! For a short time- we’re adding up to an extra $300 free jewelry to the Stylist starter kit!




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