Jessica Herrin Founder and CEO, Stella & Dot – One of The Most Influential Women in Direct Selling

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Jessica Herrin

Fresh out of Stanford, Jessica Herrin deliberated with herself—investment banking or entrepreneurism? She chose the “riskier upside” and joined an entrepreneurial startup. Three startups later, she was 30 and knew “how to get it done and build it from scratch.” But skills for scaling a business eluded her until, she says, “one of my mentors told me if I ever wanted to be successful at running a large company, I should go to work at one.” So she did—at Dell. “I called it my maternity leave job. It gave me the right ‘incubation’ period for having both real babies and business babies.

“It was something I had to do to develop as a leader,” Herrin says, and she later created Stella & Dot with just such an emphasis on personal development. “We try to provide a rich, learning, professional environment and life coaching for our stylists.… My goal is to help…

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