The most compelling night of the “The Bible” mini-series Finale sneak peek

The Bible series comes to a close on the evening of Easter Sunday, in it’s most compelling episodes.

Ep.9 Passion – Dawn on the day of PassoverPeter, fearful and disillusioned, denies that he knows Jesus and realizes Jesus’ terrible prediction has come true. Pilate sentences Jesus to a beating – he does not want this man’s life on his hands. At a public trial, he gives the crowd an option to free Jesus, or to free murderer Barrabas. The crowd clamour for Jesus’ death. Jesus, mocked and beaten carries the cross on his back through the crowds to Golgotha. Here he is nailed to the cross,and left to die a torturous death.When he breathes his last breath, the city quakes and the skies blacken. Mary Magdalene finds an empty tomb.

Ep.10 Courage – Peter finally understands Jesus’ message, and his faith is rewarded- Jesus returns from death, commissioning the disciples to ‘go and preach to all creation’. The Holy Spirit empowers the disciples, and their godly mission begins, but it will entail a constant battle of hatred and violence from non-believers. Death by stoning when follower Stephen speaks out against Paul of Tarsus. Paul, whose belief in Jewish law has led him to despise the teachings of Jesus, is enlisted byCaiaphas to remove this new group. Paul has an extraordinary change of faith on the road to Damascus. The New Testament is written,persecution still persists– disciple James is beheaded in Jerusalem and the disciples have no choice but to scatter. The word spreads with them, far and wide – Peter reaches Rome, Matthew and Thomas further still, but are all killed for their courage. Only their written word survives. But one last miracle remains – disciple John survives death and is instead exiled to solitary confinement on Patmos where he receives a revelation of hope – Jesus is coming back. And all who have the courage to keep the faith will be rewarded.


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