“LiveLikeBella” Inspired! “This is just a game It’s people like Bella that really put things into perspective” – LeBron James

Live Like Bella
Dec 12,2002-May 28,2013

On  May 28,2013 the Courageous 10-year-old Bella Rodriguez-Torres “won the reward of Eternal Life!”

John 19:30
When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.
Bella has now joined Jesus in heaven. She went peacefully, surrounded by love, right after our beloved Father Craig finished praying. Please pray for us now for the strength and peace to continue to #LIVELIKEBELLA :From Pray for Bella Fb page

Bella is well know in the South Florida Community,this young girl has been an inspiration of Hope and Faith.Doctors said the chances of Bella living past age 4 would be a miracle but she did.  News of her courage and uplifting spirit spread like wild-fire through social media. It didn’t take long for hundreds of thousands of people, including celebrities to hear about and feel the Bella phenomenon.  Bella had a way of reminding people of what life is about.

“Live Like Bella means to eat something and enjoy it, savor it, go play with gusto, even the simple things. Do them and enjoy them. Learn something new, get out of your comfort zone and enjoy life, “said Bella’s godfather, Ralph Rodriguez-Torres

Many knew of Bella only via social media, her pages prayforbella.com has had over 650,000 visits and  over 63,000 following her journal on her Pray for Bella page. News spread quickly on Facebook and Twitter with many honoring Bella, Miami Heat stars Dwayne Wade and LeBron James inscribed Bella’s mantra on there sneakers as well as spoke about Bella in last nights post game interview

“This is just a game. It’s people like Bella that really put things into perspective”
LeBron James

and the Miami Marlins posted a picture of a #livelikeBella Jersey. On the streets of Miami you can see how our community has rallied around Bella’ family to show support, on cars with “Live like Bella” bumper stickers or silo cups embedded on school fences spelling out “Pray for Bella”.

Faith played an enormous part in the Rodriguez-Torres family,and the miracles they encountered with there lovely Bella. The power of prayer was there strength as they continuously ask for this one thing to all who visit there sites.

 We ask all of you who visit this site, to please lift Bella and our family in your prayers. Miracles did not stop happening 2,000 years ago, they still happen and we will pray for a miracle on Bella’s behalf. May God bless you and protect you. The road has been a difficult one and is not over, but we have witnessed His miracle in her and know that it will be completed with a full healing. All of your prayers, love, support, and well wishes; have allowed us to endure this most difficult time in our lives. We are forever grateful; first to our Lord and then to all of you who have been instruments of Christ on our journey. May God continue to bless each of you and we ask for your continued prayers. The Rodriguez-Torres family

Bella will be remembered by her Mother Shannah, Father Raymond and best friend and sister Rayna.

A Miami Heat Fan.
Lebron James Shows his support at the Heat vs Pacers Final playoff Game on May 28,3013
Dwayne Wade and Lebron James Show there support and #LivelikeBella
Bella’s smile when Justin said he would pray for Bella. JB Miami Concert January 2013
Fundraiser For Bella’s Believers January 2013

Bella Rodriguez-Torres was just 4 1/2 when I became paralyzed by a tumor on her spine  & diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma a rare childhood Cancer. After 54 weeks of chemo and 16 weeks of radiation for 7 tumors Bella was in remission, and was able to walk, run and jump.  In 2009 a brain tumor was found,Bella again received radiation and chemo treatment and was back into remission. September 2011 a tumor on Bella’s ovary  was found, removed and radiated yet 4 months later in January of 2012 3 more tumors appeared in her abdomen. Come August 2012 just a month after her last treatment 4 more tumors appeared in her pelvis,having to undergo chemo yet again. January 2013 more tumors were found to have grown while undergoing chemo,and Bella was flown to Houston to have the tumors, uterus and ovaries removed.

Funeral Arrangements for Bella Rodriguez-Torres
Viewing on Thurs 5/30 Time 5-11pm @
Caballero Rivero Woodlawn Funeral Home Kendall,
11655 SW 117 Ave.
Miami Fl. 33186

Celebration of Bella’s Life Mass of Resurrection is on Friday 5/31 @ 1pm at

St John Neumann Catholic Church

12125 SW 107 Ave

Miami, Fl 33176
Burial to Follow the Mass

The MIami Police Department and ride bicycle 160 miles from Miami to Key West in Bella’s honor.

In lieu of flowers please consider making a small donation towww.Bella2013.com
Bella’s Partner Sgt. Javi Ortiz and her fellow Officers have organized a Fund Raiser for St Baldrick’s to help find a cure for Childhood Cancer. PLEASE WEAR RED!

A book written by her father.

Why NOT Me? A True Story About a Miracle in Miami By:Raymond Rodriguez-Torres

“Why Not Me?” describes, in a very inspirational tone, how Raymond believes there is a divine purpose for everything.   He describes how he learned that we can face any challenge, even the possible death of a child, with faith and courage and instead of asking, “Why Me?” saying, “Why NOT Me?”, and walk in VICTORY!

 Please leave a comment on how Bella Inspired You!

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