Back to School: Hästens Booties‏

Have them go back to school in style with Hästens. Soft, supremely comfortable Down Slipper Booties, perfect for late night study sessions. This fall, when your college bound kid is getting ready for a new semester, don’t forget to include a pair of Hästens luxuriously comfortable Down Slipper Booties to keep feet warm and toasty on their back-to-school shopping list.

Whether they’re pulling an all-nighter in the computer lab or just padding down the dorm hallway to chat with a friend, these premium Booties are ideal indoor footwear. Filled with 75% all natural white down and 25% sea bird feathers these Down Slipper Booties deliver pillow-soft cushioning for tired feet. Enclosed in 100% premium cotton, this naturally breathable and sweat wicking fabric also keeps wearers dry and comfortable, while also snugly warm. Featuring a ribbon of Hästens classic, signature Blue Check, these one-size fits all slippers are as fashionable as they are cozy and are $80.

Down Slipper boots

So help their workload feel a little easier with these comforting, stress relieving favorites.


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