2013 Breast Cancer Boutique

In October, 100% of net proceeds from Stella & Dots Breast Cancer Awareness Boutique will support the Noreen Fraser Foundation
Last year, you raised over $182,000 to for the foundation to support breast cancer research and awareness for the importance of early detection. They’re back this year with a selection of items for our boutique that you will love – so let’s all work together and fight Breast Cancer in style!

Hope Charm Necklace $69

Geneve Lace Cuff $79

Geneve Lace Linear Earrings $59

Union Square Scarf-Frida $59

Wanderlust Triple Wrap-Pink $59

Wanderlust Single Wrap-Pink $29

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About the Noreen Fraser Foundation:

Meet Noreen Fraser:

Noreen Fraser was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in 2001. By 2003, her cancer had metastasized to her bones. After years of fighting, Noreen pledged to devote herself to raising money for focused research to find new techniques to prevent and fight cancer.

She started the Noreen Fraser Foundation in 2006 and recruited other survivors and prominent figures in the medical, entertainment, and business industries to join the organization. In 2008, Noreen Fraser co-created and co-produced the network television special STAND UP TO CANCER (“which raised over $100 million for cancer research”).

Prior to starting the Noreen Fraser Foundation, Noreen produced other award winning television shows including, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, ABC’s HOME SHOW and The RICHARD SIMMONS SHOW. Recently, Noreen has started working on producing a documentary about cancer’s effects and developing a television project that will serve to raise awareness for women’s cancers.

The mission of the Noreen Fraser Foundation (NFF) is to raise funds for women’s cancer research. NFF supports translational cancer research aimed at developing new prevention methods, diagnostic tools and non-toxic therapies to treat women’s cancers. Our hope is that until there are CURES, women’s cancers will become manageable diseases controlled with targeted therapies that protect patients’ quality of life. The Noreen Fraser Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Learn more about Noreen’s fight on her blog:

Learn more about the Noreen Fraser Foundation:


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