People are good at going through the motions of worship, they bring their sacrifice to the alter,but often times the heart behind the action is missing. Life moves in interesting ways, and it doesn’t take much to find ourselves in a place where we pray, worship, fellowship, give more, without even thinking, our worship can become mechanical, and task driven. Through the endless amounts of homework, or washing and cleaning, or tasks at work, or the situation with the family, or the issue with a friend, or that sickness, or “she said” or “he did”… Our heart of worship can be pushed down and overcome. Psalm 50:14 “Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God, and keep the vows you made to the Most High.” Choose to cut through the noise of everyday life and re-engage with your acts of worship towards God. Don’t let them just be empty, lifeless acts, but fuel them with your soul, with thanksgiving, hope, joy, love, adoration…

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