Miami’s own Father Albert Cutié featured on ‘OPRAH’S OWN Where are they now’ segment

July 27, Oprah’s OWN Where are they now featured ‘Father Oprah’s Life After Scandal.Father Oprah’ now Rev.Albert Cutie’.Miami;s own popular Latino priest (and my youth group leader when I was a teen),who become the center of a media storm in 2009 when paparazzi snapped pictures of him kissing a mystery woman on the beach.Oprah caught up with Rev.Albert,and his family.In Father Oprah’s Life After Scandal he shares the difference of being a “spiritual father” and now a “biological father” to his 2 beautiful children Camilla 3 and Albert 2 with wife Ruhama and her 19 year old son Christian.Since the transition in his life 5 years ago, he receives daily email,letters and phone calls from priest who are too finding themselves in love, and thinks “wow my situation has helped someone else,it just fills my heart with joy” .

Oprah interviewed Father Albert in a previous segment that aired on September 11,2009

“there’s nothing worse than hiding something that’s good, and if God is Love and God calls us to love, and to love is the best life you can live, why hide it?” Father Albert during his 2009 Oprah segment


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