Summer Tearjerker #2 “IF I STAY” Get to know before you Go!

Ready to end the summer with another young adult tearjerker? Welcome “If I Stay” (to be released August 22).Summer tearjerker #2 If I Stay, an adaptation of a Best-selling young adults novel this one by Gayle Forman only her second novel). 17-year old Mia Hall (played by Chloë Grace Moretz) an aspiring classical cellist who falls for Adam (played by Jamie Blackely),an indie rock sweetheart. Putting musical differences aside the two form a bond. A life altering moment when Mia and her family suffer a horrible car crash, leaving her in a coma and her parents dead.On the brink of death Mias’ soul wanders, while she watches her love Adam, play his guitar for her at her hospital bedside.

We started the summer with tearjerker #1 The Fault in Our Stars,(released June 6) which was on my “Must see” summer films list, another adaptation of a Best-selling novel by John Green. It tells the unconventional love story of two extraordinary teenagers Hazel (played by Shailene Woodley) and Gus (played by Ansel Elgort). The two meet at a cancer support group and the two form a bond as they deal with their illnesses. The thought provoking story of these teens learning to live between life and death.

Both equally heart wrenching sob stories Cancer & car crash.Both are great love stories, but both sad and unfortunate.Both tearjerkers dealing with dying — and surviving the death of a loved one. Ones more supernatural and the other more realistic.Its a toss up at which film will end up with a larger $ in the box office. But hands down, If I Stay was my favorite of the two,and Where she went(the next novel in the series) can’t get here any sooner. But we will have to see when the studio has it in the works. Both films are Rated PG-13, so parents be prepared, the onovels had plenty of swearing and intense descriptions of the accident.The films do have thematic elements and some sexual material

As a parent to a teen I like to find Discussion points on media that they are engaged in. So here are a couple that may come up before and after the films.

-What would it be like to know you are dying,and what would you do different

-How to cope with the death of a friend

Si Decido Quedarme – If I Stay (2014) Tráiler #1 Oficial Subtitulado HD – Chloë Grace Moretz

Mia Hall (Chloë Grace Moretz) pensó que la decisión más difícil que alguna vez tomaría sería entre perseguir sus sueños musicales en Juilliard o seguir un camino diferente para estar con el amor de su vida, Adam (Jamie Blackley). Pero lo que debería haber sido una familia unida despreocupada, cambió todo en un instante, y ahora su propia vida pende de un hilo. Atrapados entre la vida y la muerte para un día revelador, Mia tiene una sola decisión de la izquierda, que no sólo va a decidir su futuro, pero su destino final. “If I Stay” está basada en la novela best-seller del mismo nombre.

Bajo La Misma Estrella | Trailer Subtitulado en Español HD

Hazel y Gus son dos adolescentes extraordinarios que comparten un ingenio mordaz, un desdén por lo convencional, y un amor que los lleva – y a nosotros – a un viaje inolvidable. Su relación es aún más milagrosa, dado que se conocieron y se enamoraron en un grupo de apoyo. BAJO LAMISMA ESTRELLA, basado en la novela número uno y best seller de John Green, explora lo divertido, emocionante y trágico del estar vivo y el amor.


  1. I saw the trailer for this movie, and I want to see it! How interesting it would be if you could be that fly on the wall, and be able to view your life outside of yourself.


  2. I hadn’t seen this trailer. I just added to my list. I’m always looking for movies to watch on the weekends.


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