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the song

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As a Faith-based blogger, I seek out Entertainment that I can share with my friends and followers that is biblical based and encourages family values. 2014 has been “The year of the Bible” as Hollywood declared, starting off the year with “Son Of God” followed by Heaven Is For Real, Moms Night Out, Noah, Gods Not Dead, Persecuted, When The Game Stands Tall, The Identical, The Remaining and still to be released The Song, Left Behind and closing out the year with Exodus:Gods & Kings, hence “The Year Of The Bible”. I had been looking forward to a faith film that would be more geared towards relationship and marriage and THE SONG fits the bill.

THE SONG inspired by The Song of Solomon is a music-driven romantic drama that addresses real-world relationship issues like dating, romance, intimacy, conflict, restoration and the cultivation of true commitment, all the things we pursue. Aspiring singer-songwriter Jed King is struggling to catch a break and escape the long shadow of his famous father when he reluctantly agrees to a gig at a local vineyard harvest festival.  Jed meets the vineyard owner’s daughter, Rose, and a romance quickly blooms. Soon after their wedding, Jed writes Rose The Song,(awaken love)which becomes a breakout hit. Suddenly thrust into a life of stardom and a world of temptation, his life and marriage begin to fall apart.

Considered one of the Bibles Wisdom Books, The Song Of Solomon describes a Love Relationship that God had in mind when he created marriage and is a must read for anyone interested in love from a biblical perspective. Throughout the film you will hear the poetry of Song of Solomon interwoven within the scenes. Solomon, Son of King David, had hundreds of wives, (not exactly the best role model, right?) but this Biblical story reflects on his “True Love” before everything went wrong. Much like that of The Songs Jed King(Alan Powell of Anthem Lights), son of Musician David King. We know the story of Solomon. God told him he could have anything he wanted, and Solomon asked for wisdom (2 Chronicles 1). In The SongRose Jordan(Ali Faulkner) is the one to ask Jed

“If you could ask God for anything and you knew he’d say yes ” Jed responds “I want to be wise, that way I can live right”.

Both Solomon and Jed King sought God’s will first, and it led to great wealth, power, and success. But at some point, both started making the decisions himself. Both men let the physical, cultural course of things run free . . . and it led to disaster for Solomon and the kingdom of Israel. As it did for Jed’s “Modern Day kingdom,” his marriage and music career, a real representation of the myriad of issues faced in our society today. The Song ventures into some “gritty” territory uncommon in faith-based films, with elements of  alcohol, drugs and extra-marital sex.

Another of the Wisdom Books, is Ecclesiastes, as it too was written by Solomon. Ecclesiastes tells about King Solomons search for meaning: career achievements, materialism, alcohol, pleasure and even wisdom. The lesson King Solomon learns is that All of it is “meaningless.” True satisfaction comes from God alone. Scripture from this book is also interwoven throughout the film, “chasing after the wind” we are constantly running after life’s superficiality, yet we are never fully satisfied…be faithful to God, be faithful to your spouse as that is where you will find meaning.

There is a scene in the films trailer where Jed comes home just for the day between gigs, and he’s explaining to Rose that Shelby Bale(Nashville’s Caitlin Nicole-Thomas) has been added to the tour, “we can book more show and make alot more money” Rose responds “do you need more money, or fans?” Jed is trying to find purpose in all of the worldly pleasures, the modern parallel to a 3,000 year old challenge.

When Jed married Rose, he was in a relationship with God and was given the words to create THE SONG that propelled his career. But as his fame increases, he is emptied of Gods purpose in his life, losing what is true and real in his life. His love and desires for God and his wife had shifted. Often times this is what happens in our marriages, we begin to focus on attaining more valuables or success “chasing after the wind” only to realize zero fulfillment, and the love you once treasured is gone.

Love is the power that heals”  when we are hurt its hard to accept the apologies and make things right with the person you hurt. Jed had to make amends with himself first,and find reconciliation with God. He took the initiative to correct his behavior  Secondly he had to make amends with Rose, God showed grace, in turn God redeemed and restored his marriage. We are to love because God first loved us. He paid the price for our sins on the cross, and forgave us our sins, only His love, has the power that heals.

The film inspires and sparks an awakening in marriages and awakens love. The idea behind this story is to be more of a conversational rather than conversional approach to opening dialogue on the subject of marriage and meaning. Truth of the matter is love is messy and hard, it sometimes means disagreements and arguments which can ultimately lead to spiritual and personal growth. Hopefully The Song will draw a large amount of nonreligious audience, as the films values speaks to the religious and non religious alike.  I highly recommend you get a couples date night together to view the film and tackle the issue of Marriage and Meaning.

The Song offers a Couples Resource with devotionals, date night ideas and quiz. Click Here

And if you attend your churches small groups you can also find resources Here


Married 17 years here are a few tips from an Imperfect Married Woman-Me:

1) Listen when your spouse comes to you and wants to talk. Instead of being upset, or annoyed by the interruption, be grateful for the moment.

2) Be content with who You are, not until you make peace with yourself, will you ever be content with who your with.

3) Get in the habit of using the 4 most appreciated phrases in marriage, “I Love You“, “I Apologize“, “Thank You“, and “I Forgive You“.

4) Trust,Honor,Value and Respect your partner

5) Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Tackle small issues while they’re still small to avoid a Mountain of a mess later.

6) Pray for your spouse


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  1. This sounds like an amazing movie. Thanks so much for sharing it with me as I go to a select few only and would have missed this one.


  2. I didn’t notice it until now, but yes, there have been quite a few highly publicized religious-based movies (or films with a religious type of message) out this year. I rented Moms Night Out…I did not hear beforehand that it had a religious message, but towards the end, I said to myself “Is the religious message intentional in this movie’ and it prompted me to conduct a Google search, where I learned a lot of interesting background into the movie, some of the actors, and the director. I would like to see ‘Heaven is for Real’ next.


  3. Great that you’ve found some music that you like. I actually am working on finding music that is OK for little ears. Music can really have an affect on you.


  4. Going on my third marriage- for sure I’d love to see this film. And gracias for “conversation not conversion”, BB definitely has to remember that one. BB2U


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