30 DAY CHRISTIAN MUSIC CHALLENGE DAY 28 – Andy Mineo – “Young” Feat. KB (@Andymineo @kb_hga @reachrecords)

Day 28 of the 30 Day CHRISTIAN MUSIC CHALLENGE. Andy Mineo, former stage name C-Lite, is an American Christian hip hop artist, producer, minister, and TV and music video director from New York City. He is currently signed to Reach Records and in addition to his solo work is a member of that label’s hip hop collective 116 Clique. “Young” is from the album “Formerly known”.


[Verse 1: Andy Mineo]
Look it don’t matter if I’m young
This life isn’t mine I’m living for him now
I ain’t wasting time (tick tock) never turn back
I really ain’t missing nothing ‘stead of living for myself
I be living for the mission of the King that’ll soon be coming
Sin over promise under delivers
I ain’t with the nonsense I’m in the Scriptures
Get to know him early I tell ’em why I wait
So I’mma serve him all my days

It don’t matter if I’m (young, young)
Yeah I’m unashamed (young, young)
That’s right I’m living for the King (young, young)
Through Him I can do all things (young, young)
Yeah it don’t matter if I’m (young, young, young, young)
No it don’t matter if I’m (young, young, young, young)
No it don’t matter if I’m (young, young, young, young)
No it don’t matter if I’m (young, young, young, young)
No it don’t matter if I’m young

[Verse 2: Andy Mineo]
They say living in your twenties
Go and get yours go and get money
So them wild oats slide with some honeys

Yeah I tried that already and them lies don’t satisfy buddy
This one’s really dumb they like have some fun
Now and change tomorrow, but that may never come (tick tock)

And they saying they excuse is that they young
Well you stop making excuses when a man’s what you become

Don’t believe the lies yeah y’all ain’t missing nothing
‘Cept never ending games of holding on to sand grains
They calling me a fool I giving what I can’t keep
Gaining what I can’t lose


[Verse 3: KB]
Aye Weezy told me get that money little duffle bag boy
Them dime bags, nickel bags, hustle then enjoy
But Eons D say go to jail, you get out you unemployed
Now you a Winn-Dixie, Publix or a Kroger bag boy

And uh, if I listen to the colleges
I probably come out sounding like a Darwinist

Agnostic and arguing tolerance I can do whatever no consequence
Partyin’ with a couple barbies
Doin’ Bob Marley spliffs
And my god is in science, psychology
The only problem is Yahweh’s real
I was locked up in a box cuz
Couldn’t pop the top until the Son popped up

Then He copped us with a drop blood
He would adopt the flock and by the cross bought us
Brought us from the bottom though I lost
Over what I got was God and His love

How could I be missing out on everything I’m hearing now?
This better and better I’m glad I’m young

So they say you young live your life
Do what you want I think they right
Cause we want Jesus living in our sight
You only live once, my homie’s living twice
New heaven homie new earth too

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