“CINDERELLA 2015 Review” a simple girl who believes in faith, hope, and love

Reviewed by David Lopez


“The greatest risk we’ll ever take is to be seen as we truly are.”

So what is Cinderella really about? A forgotten girl that gets the short end of the stick…really? Or is this more to this story than we originally thought?

Cinderella represents all that is best in our world. She embodies faith as she continues to believe in kindness when her entire world seems to have run out of it. She has an everlasting hope for her family, circumstances and self, despite her reality. Love for her family and her future is what eventually guides her to be able to do the unthinkable, she is able to forgive because she able to love.

Despite the challenges and obstacles that she faces in the film, and there are more than most would care to bear, she seems to rise up above them. Cinderella is really about FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE.


Possibly what’s most surprising of all is that at the end of it all, what wins us over is that she’s not a princess in a gown or a beautiful dress in a carriage or an above average physically attractive woman. No. We fall in love with Cinderella not because she’s at the top of castle above it all, but because she is real, just like one of us. She chooses to be better, to be a woman of virtue. To be a woman of FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE. And at the end of it all, she risks it all to be seen for who she is: just Ella, a simple girl who believes in faith, hope, and love.


Ella, a simple girl who believes in faith, hope, and love

Along with a timely message, this film is filled with radiant explosions of colors. The costumes captured the essence of each character and managed to dress them in that essence. The acting of the characters was equally strong and explosive. You will love to hate Cate Blanchett as she delivers a fantastic presentation as the stepmother.

I’d watch this film again. I am a husband, a dad, and a man. We need more films like this.

Cinderella is Rated PG and will be in Theaters March 13,2015

Thank You to my guest David Lopez for the review.
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