Interview with Christian Worship Leader Christine D’ Clario at the Miami “A.D.the series” screening

Christine D'Clario with Mark Burnett
Christine D’Clario with Mark Burnett

Prior to my screening of A.D.The Bible Continues in Miami, I was not familiar with Latina-Americana Worship Leader Christine D’Clario. But I was very happy to meet and chat with Christine during the select city screening of A.D.The Bible Continues which will premiere on NBC starting Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015. Christine was present at the private Miami event held on February 6, 2015. Christine led a time of Praise and Worship prior to the screening, which in my opinion was awesome and rare!

Christine is a Puerto Rican from New York is currently a worship leader at Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas. With 4 christian records under her belt, 3 in spanish and 1 bilingual and over 1 Million followers on Facebook. Christine is about to record her fifth and first live album “Eterno”, Saturday March 28, 2015 Christine will perform at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in front of 18,000 spectators.

Janet with Christine D' Clario at the A.D Series screening
Janet with Christine D’ Clario at the A.D Series screening

You can follow Christine D’ Clario on all her Social Media Platforms below.




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