Prepare for an Epic Easter Sunday as A.D.The Bible Continues Premieres tomorrow

From the Executive producers of the 2013 biblical miniseries THE BIBLE and the 2014 blockbuster film The Son Of God, bring  you A.D The Bible Continues. “A.D” will premiere on NBC tomorrow Easter Sunday. A.D. The Bible Continues is the follow up to The Bible miniseries that over 100 million people watched in 2013. This Easter Sunday just may turn out to be an epic  night for NBC.

“its Game of Thrones meets The Bible”

Mark Burnett

The new, 12- week series picks up where the “The Bible” left off, with the crucifixion of Jesus and portrays the inspiring and action-packed stories from the first 10 chapters of Acts. The Crucifixion was just the beginning of the greatest story ever told.This 12 week series will follow the struggle of the early church and the paths of Christ disciples.

Episode one “The Tomb Is Open” covers what we’ve already seen in “The Bible” episode 9 but with different actors, and with added scenes of the disciples, Mary and an impressive angel.

A.D. The Bible Continues takes us back to the cradle of hope, the explosive days following the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the birth of the Church that bears His name. With their unique blend of cinematic brilliance and passionate faith, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have once again gripped our hearts with the epic story of the carpenter who altered history and eternity. A.D. The Bible Continues brings us up close to Jesus’ death and triumph over the grave, and gives us a front row seat as the power of God’s Spirit transformed ordinary men and women into a Jesus movement that carries His grace and truth to a hurting world.

Louie Giglio
Passion Conferences, Passion City Church

 Here are a few added resources from A.D

Beyond A.D. A digital talk show Hosted by “E” Jason Kennedy 

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