How can I live a perfect Christian life if I’m just a Teenager?

Living a ‪#‎Christian‬life from a ‪#‎Teens‬ perspective.
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Faithfully for Jesus

This is a question that I know at least some, if not all Christians have asked themselves, including myself,

“How can I live a perfect Christian life if I’m just a Teenager?”

First of all, we can’t live a said to be “perfect” life, whether we’re teenagers or adults.

But, we could try our best to live a more devoted life toward God, although it won’t be perfect, it will certainly make our lives easier, less stressful, more pure as well as lead us in the right path.

Here are 6 really easy ways that we can ALL try to live a better led and purposed life.

1. Be more considerate

Being fair should be for and from everyone. What we say could seem a joke to ourselves but when directing toward another person, it might be taken in a total different way that may possibly lead to some consequences…

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