My Bath & Bodywork’s #Flashbackfragrance favorites make a return

I love the idea of Bath & Body Work’s #Flashbackfragrance campaign to launch during its semi annual sale this week. I worked in management for Bath  & Body Work’s for 10 years from 1996-2006, so I’m very familiar with this group of fragrances. Every one of them conjures up a specific memory of those days. For me I was always big on the shower gels and lotions, but remember all the craze over the splashes, especially when they were on promo for $5 and we would put them out as demos in buckets of ice ( perfect refresher for those hot summer days).

The nostalgic scents that will return may look a bit different package wise, but just the same on the inside of the “old school” favorites. So which are making a return you ask?


Country Apple: (My Personal favorite) savor the first bite of a juicy apple in a sunkissed orchard. 


White Tea & Ginger: (my runner up) take a sip crisp, sparkling white tea & ginger.


Cucumber Melon: (most popular) savor the freshness of a summer morning in the countryside with crisp cucumber and fresh honeydew.


Juniper Breeze: breathe in the fresh scent of evergreens in a meadow breeze with notes of juniper leaves and dewy musk. Perfect choice for guys!


Plumeria: get swept away to the beautiful tropics with notes of pink plumeria and exotic jasmine.


Pearberry: Inspired by the sweet air of a summer picnic, the perfect blend of wild pear and juicy berries.

  All these intoxicating scents will return to the shelves on June 8th, just as we once knew them: as creams, fragrance mists, shower gels, and body lotions. So make sure to stock up! 

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