Are you still researching worthwhile summer activities for your child? Be sure to consider dance camp at Life Church Miami. The Simone Says Dance! Summer Camp is a Christian rooted program designed to inspire youth through the development of their motor skills and the ability to bring stories to life by virtue of performing arts.

This camp will pave the foundation of various dance genres and creative movement, such as: Ballet, Jazz, Acrobatics/Tumbling, and more. All SSD counselors are classically trained instructors that have mastered their skills in dance education and pedagogy. The Simone Says Dance! Summer Camp is under the artistic direction of, Mrs. Kerri-Ann Simone, a professionally trained dancer who has consistently worked in the field of dance. Alongside her commitment to the arts, she is dedicated to preservation of community, life and community engagement. Simone makes a conscious effort to instill her Christian values in to her love for the arts.

 “Children are the future and it’s important to remind them, in everything they do, the work of Jesus Christ and what he’s done for us.” – Mrs. Kerri It is her goal to shine Jesus’ light through the gift of dance.

Camp week will conclude with a parent invitation to watch a brief class showcase and award ceremony. Each camp day begins and ends in prayer, with daily and weekly bible verses recited throughout the course lessons. This trains children to synchronize the use of their voice and body simultaneously, which is multi-stimulating and sharpens focus. If you know of a student between the ages of 4 to 10, that loves dance, please share the invitation to register.

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” – Romans 10:15

Please contact Mrs.Kerri-Ann Simone at or (305) 713-7543 for any furtherquestions you may have. Have a great summer! *Register here: *Directions: Complete and return to or print and submit on the first day of camp. All monies are due at the beginning of every camp week  paid to the order of:Simone Says Dance, is accepted. Camp fees include:  Materials, Snacks, Camp Shirts, and Awards.

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