Women of Faith-An Amazing Joyful Journey coming to theaters

Women of Faith: An Amazing Joyful Journey

Women of Faith has been encouraging women since 1996 with compelling stories, laugh-out-loud humor, heart-tugging music, rejuvenating worship, and more! Women of Faith events are produced by the world’s largest producer of inspirational events for women, based in Plano, Texas. Through authentic connection with audiences, humor, and an atmosphere of encouragement and acceptance, world-class communicators deliver life-changing messages through high-quality programs in cities across North

I’m super excited to watch this SPECIAL CINEMA EVENT!

By Experience and Women of Faith are partnering together to bring to audiences an international cinematic event that presents the 20 year story of Women of Faith. Beginning in California in 1996 with four speakers committed to authenticity, Women of Faith grew to become the largest Christian Women’s Movement in history, touching over five million lives with personal stories full of laughter and tears.

Witness the journey of Women of Faith through the years, on stage and off, their travels with World Vision, their impact on their audience, in short the way they’ve changed the world. Partly historical, and frequently hysterical, this unique cinematic experience will be packed with some of the most popular pieces from the beloved speaking team as well as music and performances from the CCM artists that appeared on the tour. Featuring never before seen interviews, outtakes, and behind the scenes footage, this “movie” will bring back memories for all those who have attended a Women of Faith weekend as well as create new memories for those experiencing it for the first time.

This special cinematic event will be broadcast live to local movie theaters across the United States and Canada.

An Amazing Joyful Journey will be in over 1000+ theatres all over the world. If you’re not in the Dallas area, visit http://www.wofincinemas.com/ to find a theatre near you.

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