Miracles from Heaven opens in theaters today, based on an inspiring book and astonishing true story of a girl rescued by an out-of-the-blue accident, comes this rousing portrait of a family suddenly discovering joy and promise in the most tumultuous moment of their lives.

Texas mom Christy Beam (Jennifer Garner ) was living an undeniably blessed life in Texas with her husband and beautiful family of three girls, when the middle child Annabel(Kylie Rogers) was diagnosed with a heart-wrenching fatal stomach disorder CIPO, Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction. Annabel’s condition was miraculously healed after she fell inside a hollow tree. 

I believe this film is very relatable too many people whether your religious or non-religious. The story is to compelling not to believe, but an absolutely beautiful miracle. I sent a friend and her daughter to a separate screening from my own, and this is what she had to say.

 Both my daughter & I loved it! We bawled our eyes out and also shared some laughs. The movies touches home for us because we knew exactly how the family must’ve felt. I felt deep with the mom, in every way. Her faith was shattered like mine was when I lost my baby girl. I felt anger so did she. My living daughter felt confused & heartbroken just like her other 2. My husband felt helpless yet supportive like her husband did. So you see, this movie felt like a mini version of what we experienced as well 2 years ago. Of course, our daughters were of different age and different diagnosis, but just the thought of loosing your child puts you in a battlefield with it all. D.Romero


Jennifer Garner as Christy Beam with Queen Latifah and Kylie Rogers as Annabel Beam.

Jennifer Garner adds warmth as Cristy Beam the mother, Eugenio Derbez as Dr.Nurko has a bed side manner that we only wished we’d have more of these day, similar to Robin Williams in Patch Adams, Queen Latifah as Angela brings a supportive role as the hotel waitress who befriends Christy and Anna on their trip to Boston.

Director Patricia Riggen (“The 33”) eliminates the overly religious in this faith based film, and creates a film that will bring a broader audience. This film will surely have you in tears at times but it’s a film filled with hope, faith, family and love.

Miracles from Heaven Rated-PG March 16,2016


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