30 Day Christian Music “Summer Challenge” begins July 1


Hey Outersparklers, you may remember me doing the 30 Day Christian Music Challenge  in September 2014, with the soul purpose to give you a new insight on the christian music scene. I have decided to kick off the challenge yet again last summer July 1st 2015 with a “Summer Challenge” tomorrow July 1st 2016 we begin again! I want to introduce you to some new music/artist that I have been loving this year. I have discovered artist that I wasn’t familiar with, and would love to share them with you my Sparklers!

I hope you will love the selection for the next 30 days, and if you have any suggestions of a christian band,artist or original song created by your churches worship team please don’t hesitate to comment with a link or shoot me an email I’d love to share new music with the world.

This year I will share a recap of the 30 songs featured in this months challenge as well as a link to my Spotify Music compilation with all the song featured. Please make sure to share and leave comment on your favorite choices.

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