Why I came out of “The Secret Life of Pets” movie pissed–Review

Happily decided to head out to the theater this Sunday afternoon with my teenage son, and The Secret Life of Pets was the pick of the day. The trailers were cute and funny, so why not?  To be honest we wanted a bit of childlike comic relief and pro-pet movie, after hearing of another 3 police shootings this morning on the news.

So, it started off well until Max and Duke came across the gang of “flushed” animals and their need to lie about killing their owners in order to be accepted by them. Wait what? As parents and their kids laughed at the conversation the discarded pets were having about killing their humans, I GOT PISSED!

I’m so happy that I didn’t bring my eight year old, who is away on vacation but happened to walk into a room while the video footage of Alton Sterling being shot, and was startled at the fact that he’d just seen that and began to ask questions why it happened.

So i’m Pissed cause, WHY does this “killing humans” crap even have any part in a children’s film? And that they wanted “Vengeance”! If this is what I had wanted to see and hear than I may have well stayed at home glued to CNNs coverage of today’s “killing humans” aka Police. This is just poor taste in family entertainment. Killing has become such a norm,that the families laugh with disregard that the thuggish bunny character wants all the details of the killings, Really?

My son and I discussed leaving the film,but we stayed. I continue to be disappointed at the quality of “family films” the hollywood studios are turning out. This film is filled with stereotypical racist characters that i’m just tired of. I feel as if hollywood is just giving us the middle finger every time they create a family film with violence and/or lack of values. THIS is what influences our children, with so many Amazing stories to tell, stories that are funny full of joy,love inspiration…but those films are few these days.

There are some decent and good qualities in the film, the opening is charming with some great animation. And that’s it!

For the most part, I say save your money and watch yourself a few good and funny animal youtube videos.



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