30 Days of Being Thankful Challenge 2016

And today November 1st, it officially  begins again! You know, the thankful challenge. So many have have joined me every November for the past few years to acknowledge just one thing or person a day to show gratitude towards. Our world easily encourages us to show our anger and hatred to show our strength, yet discourages us to show our strength through the tiniest blessings we all have in our lives daily. I pray that this challenge will encourage you and bless those in your lives.
Here’s how it works

This November 1(that’s today)I am putting out a challenge to all women and Men who want to bless their family and friends with 30 Days of ways to be Thankful.

“30 Days of Being Thankful” will challenge you daily through out the whole month of November to be thankful for every gift that the Lord has provided to you as well as teaching your children simple ways to be thankful.”

This is a journey to learning to be thankful for the smallest things and seeing God all around you as we move through each day. I pray that this challenge will stay with you long pass the 30 days.

I wanted to let you know now, so that you can prepare your hearts in seeing if this challenge is right for you.

I hope that you will join me in this challenge as we learn to be thankful for the smallest things that the Lord provides and ways to teach our children the importance of being thankful.

1. First and foremost, get that this is about giving thanks, and if moved to, sharing what you’re thankful for with others. The goal is to consciously engage in (at least) one moment of thankfulness every day this month. That’s it.

2. The thing for which you give thanks can be big or small–it doesn’t matter, because even 30 small gratitudes will add up to something awesome by month’s end. Not sure what to be thankful for?

What you’re thankful for can be anything at all–as long as you’re consciously thankful for it. That’s the key.

3. Truly, being thankful is enough. Sharing it via social media or in some other way is a gift to the world, because there are so very many people (we bet you know a lot of them!) who really struggle with giving thanks for the things that they have, or the people or events in their lives. Modeling being thankful is a way to gift them because as you share what you’re thankful for, you shine a light–a light that tells others that it’s ok for them to be thankful, too. If you chose to share on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter,Google+,pinterest or any other social media platform please use any of the following hashtags #30daysOSparkle, #OSparklechallenge to keep track. Join the Facebook event here.

4. If you decide you want to share what you’re thankful for, you might simply say it aloud, or you might choose to write it on paper, blog about it, share it with those you love over dinner, draw something, or even sing it. As with other 30 Day Projects, there’s simply no wrong way to do this. Just make the way you do it your own–as unique and special as you are!

Please feel free to leave a comment each day for what you are thankful for,or if you are a Blogger and choose to do the challenge post your blog link in a comment so others can follow and support your 30 Days of being thankful.

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