Film Review: A story of forgiveness in “Champion”

I recently had the opportunity to watch Champion in advance of its release for review. Champion is a story about forgiveness. In the supercharged world of dirt track racing, a single mistake causes the lives of two men to change forever. One must fight for his family, the other must fight to forgive.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began to screen the film. I was hoping it wouldn’t be cheesy as some faith-based films are, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Sean Weathers (Andrew Cheney) is a Dirt Track racer with a great racing career and single dad with a loving young daughter Gracie (Faith Renee Kennedy). He finds his life turn into a tailspin when his ego gets in the way of his judgement during a race, and a rival racer Ray Reed (Isaiah Stratton) losses his life.

Sean looses his racing sponsors after the accident and pain killers lead him to lose his daughter into foster care after he misses her dance recital and she is left in the streets alone. The story line is thought-provoking as we watch the story unravel. Forgiveness and restoration are key elements of the story. And finding them in the most unlikely place will truly have you re-examine your hearts about any of our own past mistakes.

This film will make you cry! But truly you will have a different perspective when its done.

This film also has a Ministry Kit to go along with the film and 40 Days of Forgiveness daily devotional 



Champion will release in theaters May 19.

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