Day 13 – 30 Day Christian Music “Summer” Challenge ‘Jasmine Murray – No Other Love’

Day 13 –No other Love from Jasmine Murray from her Fearless Album.

“’No Other Love’ is based off of 1 Corinthians 13…so much so that the first line of the song even quotes, ‘Your love is patient, Your love is kind.’ The song is about love – the love of God – and just how important, precious, valuable, and above everything else how perfect that love really is. With the song being about love, you may think about the love you’ve experienced or are experiencing in your life. Perhaps your thoughts go to a broken relationship or a lost loved one. Those things happen in life…they’re unfortunate…they’re tough…and they don’t feel good. But ‘No Other Love’ really encourages me to focus on the fact that we are loved by God and that we don’t have to search for it any longer in anything or anyone else. There’s nothing we can do that will make God love us any less. He already loves us more than anyone else ever will!” – Jasmine Murray from interview on FreeCCM

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