Interview with “BreakingDawn 2” Vampires

If you follow my Blog you may already know that I’m a TWIHARD! For my blogs name was inspired by Edwards Sparkle and of course Jewelry. And I’ve been a “Fan”for the past 5 years, so much so that I have read the “The Twilight Saga” Book series 4 times and always in 4 days! Ok don’t roll your eyes, I even got my 11-year-old Son hooked as he has been my Midnight Movie release buddy for the past 4 films.

So last week I was given the opportunity to attend the Breaking Dawn 2  Tour in Miami held yesterday.This leg of the tour included a Q & A and poster signing with 2 of the Volturi Vampires Charlie Bewley as Demetri and  Daniel Cudmore as Felix. The event was held at Shops of Sunset Place and hosted by local radio station Y-100  in support of the upcoming Film release. Prior to the arrival of the Vampires BD2 fans got a sneak peek performance by “A Boy & His Kite” music from Colorado based artist Dave Wilton whose Song “Cover your tracks” will be on the Breaking Dawn-2 Soundtrack with a First record scheduled for release November 2012.

Finally the Q & A

Q:Any Funny pranks on the set of the movies?

A-CB:we were constantly having Post it notes placed on our backs of Team Jacob or Team Edward

Q for DC: If you could switch roles with anyone who would it be?

A-DC: I’d like to switch with Kristen Stewart possibly wear a wig!

Q:What was your favorite scene in the film?

A-CB: probably the Elevator scene going down to the Chamber

Q:Whats next for you both?

A-DC: A movie  release of Baytown Outlaws with Eva Logoria and Billy Bob Thorton,a Viking Movie and live-action web series, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Live Action web series.

Q: Are you dressing up for Halloween?

A-CB: I already did this past Sautrday I was Somali Born Olympian Mo Farrah, and I went through hours of “Makeup” to make the change.

A-DC:Big Bird!

Q for DC: Did you have to “Bulk up” for your role as Felix?

A: not really!I was happy when wardrobe came around and suggested this big bulky jacket, cause I Love Donuts!

The Q & A ended Gangnam Style!

Here are some Links to Follow

Daniel Cudmore onFb

Daniel Cudmore on Twitter

Charlie Bewely on FB

Charlie on Twitter


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