“The Heart Of Christmas” Dvd Giveaway

It takes an entire community to make a little boy’s dreams come true.  The Heart of Christmas the heartbreaking yet hopeful film about a family faced with losing their child and with courage and faith, they’re determined to give him a joyful final Christmas. Based on the inspiring true story that gained national attention, The Heart of Christmas boasts a stellar cast that includes Candace Cameron Bure (“Make It or Break It,” “Full House”), Jeanne Nielson (Faith Like Potatoes), George Newbern (Father of the Bride), and Erin Bethea (Fireproof). The film recently received an Emmy® nomination for Outstanding Lyrics and Music for its title song, composed and performed by Grammy®-nominated singer/songwriter, Matthew West, who is also featured in the film.

I was recently sent this Dvd  for viewing, I was in tears throughout the film. It was a beautiful yet very touching story of a little boy Dax Ryan Locke. At 15 months old he was diagnosed with AML M7 leukemia which is common in men over 65. Little Dax went through many rounds of chemotherapy at the St. Jude Hospital before being enrolled in an experimental protocol where he would undergo a stem cell transplant from his mother Julie and than a second time from his father Austin. But the cancer returned even stronger than before,the doctors did not think Dax would make it to the Holidays. So the family returned home in mid October to “cherish every moment” with Dax.

Given the extra special time to spend at home with Dax, Julie and Austin chose to start decorating for Christmas before Halloween. The community and neighbors come together to bring Dax an early Christmas. In The Heart of Christmas movie, Dax couldn’t wait – the Locke’s neighbors had to change not only their personal clock but the whole timing of the Christmas season in order to give him the gift of Christmas. This is a beautiful movie to view with your loved ones,here are a few ways you “Bring Joy to a Loved One”

• Make a list of things you could do or say to bring joy to a loved one (or a neighbor) that is going
through a crisis right now.
• Some people who are suffering resist outside help, and bear burdens on their own. Think of ways to
break through this isolation and force a suffering person to take time for moments of fun, relaxation,
bonding and joy.
• List ways you can “Cherish Every Moment” with those you love this season.


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