J.Crew by Chloe Reznikov Guest Fashion Blogger

Posted on November 28, 2012
Today’s look is composed mainly of J.Crew. I think J.Crew has fabulous clothes for classy, stylish women. J.Crew has great basics as well as bold patterned items. One of my favorite items from J.Crew are their blazers! This one I am wearing is 100% wool. The skirt is also 100% wool, making both of these items perfect for the winter months. I am also wearing a J.Crew striped long sleeve tee which coordinates lovely with the skirt.

In terms of accessories, I am wearing a Mary Louise long crystal necklace. She has beautiful jewelry and this piece goes with any outfit. I love how it picks up the colors of the garment it is over. Many celebrities love Mary Louise designs, but who wouldn’t?! I am also wearing Stella & Dot stackable rings that give off the perfect amount of sparkle. My booties are from Rag & Bone–another company I think is fabulous! These are very easy to walk in and provide good traction making it less likely to slip when walking to class.

About Chloe: Hello :) I am a senior in college finishing a bachelor of science degree in Fashion Textiles and Computer Art. I am a highly motivated and disciplined individual who has a passion for fashion and art. I will be graduating in May 2013 and seeking employment soon after. Some of my interests include fashion, luxury brands, art, drawing, media, television, advertising and marketing.

I am a a new blogger and would love to share my style, portfolio and daily posts with you. Visit my blog and follow me at http://chloereznikov.wordpress.com/ –Chloe


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