“Devious Maids” pilot premiere tonight on Lifetime TV

Devious Maids, Produced by Desperate Housewives Marc Cherry and Eva Longoria, and based on a hit telenovela. The show will attract those who were Desperate Housewives fans as well as the Latina telenovela fans. A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to preview Lifetimes new series Devious Maids, which will premiere tonight at 10pm on the Lifetime channel. Promoting the show and in attendance at the Miami screening were actresses Roselyn Sanchez who plays Carmen Luna and Dania Ramirez who plays Rosie Falta.
Like Housewives, Maids focuses on a group of women who bond due to their similar circumstances and can offer each other support. You’ll also find that everyone has secrets. The pilot had its comical moments and I think it will take many by surprise.

PILOT synopsis: A maid is murdered at the home of her employers during a large society event. Marisol is hired to clean the home of a newlywed couple. Marisol goes under cover to learn the truth about floras murder.

Miami pre-screening Q & A session with Devious Maids stars Roselyn Sanchez and Dania Ramirez
Devious Maids star Roselyn Sanchez at Miami’s Devious Maids precreening
Devious Maids star Dania Ramirez at the Miami pre-screening

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