The Hunger Games “Catching Fire” Gifts for the Katniss Fan

cf sd jewelry

Do you have a Hunger Games Fan inmind for these great holiday gifting ideas? The latest edition the The Hunger Games Franchise Catching Fire is set to be released tomorrow night at midnight. With midnght showings accross the country many fans will want to pay Tribute by wearing Katniss Everdeen inspired items. Stella & Dot has got you covered this Holiday, with fashion accesories that are wearable beyond the movies hype.

Actress Amandla Stenberg, aka “Rue” from the blockbuster film Hunger Games wearing the renegade

The Soar earrings and necklace are the perfect gift for one who needs a reminder that dreams take flight when given wings. The Gilded Arrow collection is perfect for the girl whose always On The Mark, has a target and reaches her goal. The Rebel Pendent will suit the girl who likes to go against the grain and wants to join the resistance in Pamen.  Katniss is known as a renegade hunter, the Renegade Bracelet (as worn by HG Rue-Amandla Stenberg)will be the edgy girls favorite go to accessory paired with the Tribute bracelet.

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