Stella & Dot 2014 “Autism Awareness Month” partners again with the #Hollyrod Foundation

Available April 1

April is Autism Awareness Month: and I’m proud to be a stylist with Stella & Dot. As a mother with a child with Autism, it’s a blessing to be able to help raise funds for the HollyRod Foundation for the 2nd year.

This April, all net proceeds from our Autism Awareness Collection will support the HollyRod Foundation, a charitable services program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, dedicated to providing compassionate care to those living with autism. Last year, you helped raise over $120,000 and we’re back this year with a selection of items for our boutique that you will love – so let’s all work together and support families with autism.

As a Stella & Dot Stylist I will be accepting pre-orders for the Autism Boutique items. The Autism Awareness items will be available as of April 1. You may leave me a message of interest here or email me at to submit your request.

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