Spring has sprung Happy First day of Vernal Equinox


Happy First Day of Spring or in this case vernal equinox! I know your wondering what the heck is that and what’s so special about it?
Well it’s Latin, “vernal” means “spring” and “equinox” means “equal night”.
Vernal equinox occurs every March 20 or 21 each year and is a sign of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.
Supposedly the first day of spring we should have an equal number of 12 daylight hours to 12 of darkness,but that doesn’t really happen often. I’m not saying that this doesn’t happen, it does but it doesn’t necessarily happen on this day. But there will always be a day in spring and fall when this 12 hours of light and dark does occur.

Signs of Spring
-An increase in daylight
-The weather will gradually warm up
-Flowers will begin to bloom
-Animals begin migrating and others will wake from there long winter hibernation
-Pastels, floral prints, nudes,sandals and sundresses will be the seasons fashion trend

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