Stella & Dot Launches Personalized Jewelry & Engravable Pieces

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Write it…Wear it..Share it… I cannot say enough about Stella & Dots new Engravables Collection. We have had so much fun watching our creative clients create their story…Names, Monograms, Dates, Destinations, Children’s initials, Zip Codes (90210:), What is your favorite?

tell ur storysallie id


 Engravables are personal to each person,and is made to suit your personal style. Here are a few common combinations.

  • First Name, Middle Name, Surname (we recommend for engravable bar)
  • First name, maiden name, surname (we recommend for engravable bar)
  • First name, Surname, Maiden Name (we recommend for engravable disc)
  • First name, Surname, Middle Name (we recommend for engravable disc & cuff links)More Ideas include:

    Name (up to 8 characters) o Example:Madeline

    Date (make sure to include punctuation if needed!) Example: 6.7.03

    engrave ideasInitials – there are a couple ways to do this:

    ***The order you pick for initials is entirely up to you and will have a different look depending on the font you chooseuniwue boutique

    Common gifting ideas include:


  • Weddings:
  • Couple’s Initials: Bride’s Name, Surname, Groom’s name
  • Bride’s New Initials: Bride’s Name, Maiden Name, Surname or Bride’s Name,
  • New Moms:

    o Date of Child’s Birth o Baby’s New Initials


     These are not available online yet, but email me at OUTERSPARKLE@GMAIL.COM your interest and I can place your order!

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