30 DAY CHRISTIAN MUSIC CHALLENGE DAY 20 – “My Friend” – @CharrySlow El CantanteCelestial (Video Oficial) Reggaeton Cristiano 2014

Day 20 of the 30 Day CHRISTIAN MUSIC CHALLENGE. I’m switching up today’s genre to introduce you to christian reggaeton. Artist Charry Slow is from Barranquilla, Colombia.”My Friend” is the first Song of the #CANTANTECELESTIAL Mixtape. “My Friend” is a true story about one of “CharrySlow” best childhood friends getting lost in drugs and bad company, then Charry seeks to encourage him in the ways of God.

“Charry Slow” the artist who, for many years, was the star of many festivals with music, now devotes all his time and talents to serve God and calls in each sentence to be God’s instrument to reach people who need to hear a message from heaven.”Beware, my friend” is the phrase which highlights the artist in order to get “free” many people from drugs, alcohol and addiction and the myriad of problems that the world offers.

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