If your a mom of little ones like me, I’m SURE you have seen the Oh So Popular Disney film “FROZEN”. And I’m Positive you have the soundtrack to the film and hear it repetitively in the car, “Again Mommy”, RIGHT? Today’sgeneration has become totally Captivated and Engaged with this film and its character Elsa the Ice Princess. My girlfriend text  me this you tube video this morning and couldn’t help but want to share this clever mom version of “Let It Go” cause its just so darn relatable.

Be The Good Mom You Always Have To Be- As a Mom, with Kids of any age, life can often and very quickly shift in a direction that we didn’t expect. And protective Moms that we are, we want to shield our children of the hurts and stresses WE feel in our everyday circumstances. Many times we over think situations and focus to often on the What If’s, I’m Not SuperMom, or I’m no good at this Mom thing as Elsa sangLET IT GO”. Life as a Mom, need not be perfect, just be the Good Mom YOU can be,and please don’t compare yourself to other moms that may LOOK like they have it all together, cause THEY DON’T EITHER! It’s good to show your kids this very important lesson.

Let It Go

Conceal Don’t Feel, Don’t Let Them Know- Much like that of Elsa’s Royal parents, which hid Elsa away behind the Kingdom Gates. Hiding behind the Royal Gates didn’t really help Elsa any in learning to control her Unique Talents/Curse. We are HUMAN and absolutely ImPerfect! It’s really ok to show our kids our vulnerability, and imperfections! They too need to learn at an early age that, feelings are meant to be expressed. How many times have You stubbed your toe and held in that “Yelp” of pain, concealing that feeling? Don’t Hold It Back Anymore “Let It Go”. 

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  1. My girls have fallen in love with this new Youtube Channel, It’s elsa wearing normal clothes, and reading bedtime books that aren’t Frozen!!! Such a relief!!!

    Join Elsa as she reads bedtime stories to your kids from her bedroom in the palace of Arendale! A new book will be read and posted every monday and friday starting in January, and yes Elsa wears normal clothes, because no one would want to wear a gown 24/7 in real life! Sweet and quirky, these tales read by Elsa will easily capture your kids hearts 🙂


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