“PADDINGTON” REVIEW: A Bear-y delightful film to start off 2015

photo credits Weinstein
photo credits Weinstein

A witty and adorable start to 2015 with the upcoming childrens film Paddington which opens in theaters Jan 16. If your a parent that reads books with your kids, than this Peruvian bear should not be a stranger. The newest book (by Michael Bond in 1958) to film adaptation is bear-y delightful!

After his home is destroyed by an earthquake in the darkest of Peru, the little bear stows away to London with his suitcase full of orange marmalade in search of a new home. With a tag around his neck “Please look after this bear, thank you” the bear arrives at Padding Station where he encounters the Browns: Uptight risk analyst dad Henry (Hugh Bonneville), spunky mum Mary (Sally Hawkins), and their 2 kids. addington begins to wreak havoc unintentionally the moment they arrive at the Browns home with a hilarious bathroom scene. Nicole Kidman is Millicent, the taxidermist daughter of the explorer who once befriended the bears in Peru. Millicent pulls out all her mission impossible tricks in hopes of stealing and stuffing the bear.

The kids and adults will finds many happy and funny moments throughout the film that will be refreshing. And all you can expect from a Michael Bond story. Paddington opens 1/16. Sign up for a Fandango FanAlert to find out when tickets are available near you!

Come back for my next Interview with actor Jim Parsons as we chat about his upcoming film HOME

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