Book Review “CAPTIVE” The Untold Story Of The Atlanta Hostage Hero

I received a copy of Captive for review. The book was originally penned and published as Unlikely Angel by Ashley Smith. The soon to be released major motion film starring David Oyelowo as Brian Nichols and Kate Mara as Ashley Smith, is based on the true story that drew the attention of the entire nation in March 2005.This is a thrilling drama about the spiritual collision of two broken lives. 

When Brian Nichols was on the run for shootings at the courthouse he took Ashley Smith, a recovering meth addict hostage in her Atlanta apartment. The book recounts the events that took place that day, minute by minute, her thoughts are flashing in my head as I read along. Honestly I’m distracted by my own thoughts of how I would have been reacting or more my brother who was kidnapped in the late 80s, just thinking of what may have going through his mind at the age 19. And what if it had been me in his situation (which was the plan).

Anyways it did take me some time to get back into reading this particular book, and found it to be quite a bit repetitive for my particular reading enjoyment. The story is very compelling, and as a Believer, I know God can do wonders with the unqualified. As Ashley reads from Rick Warrens bestseller “The Purpose Driven Life”, it becomes the cornerstone of Smith’s hostage situation by Nichols. 

I’m looking forward to viewing the film, as many times books to film don’t pair up as well as we’d like. But not the less the story in itself is very inspirational. Captive will be released in theaters on September 18.

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