Book Review “Live, Love, Lead” By Brian Houston


I received an advanced copy Brian Houston’s book Live Love Lead for review. The book is an authentic look into one of Christianity’s most respected leaders.The Global Founder and Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, this book will help in discovering how to live a more fulfilled life.

“A Big Life” Page 35 Grounded in Grace

When I dove into the book over my summer vacation, I had a highlighter in hand to mark up what spoke to me in each chapter. The photo above represents my first of many markings.

Faithfulness means holding on to your purpose and trusting in God’s goodness in the midst of all the peaks, celebrations, and mountaintops, as well as the trails, temptations, and tragedies that life throws at you. This is how you grow grounded in grace”

This particular chapter I really enjoyed, for me I’d been in the “leader” spot for mostly all my jobs, then again in small group in church. I never saw myself as a leader growing up, but others did. In this chapter Brian discusses how God gives us each our own grace and just enough blessings to line up with the purpose he has in store for us. “God always sees more in us than we can see in ourselves.” This is so true, lead the way God wants You to lead, with confidence in Your gifts, not by imitating others.

Every chapter of the book starts with lyrics from a Hillsong Music song followed personal stories tied into that chapters message. Houston’s stories are authentic, filled with moments of love, pain, loss, weakness, depression, forgiveness, courage, strength, stamina and the difficulties of pioneering a Church. With the appropriate scripture intertwined in the stories to properly convey the message to Live transparently, Love authentically and Lead courageously .

A book worth reading with many messages for the non-believer, and believer alike. Brian’s narrative of his personal and public life is very relatable and an easy read.

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