On a cold February night in 2007, a devoted father of four and a seventeen-year-old drunk driver both receive life sentences. In one violent, devastating instant, each faces a drastically different and uncertain future. But as Chris Williams sits in his demolished vehicle staring at the car that had just caused the death of his wife, his unborn baby, and his  nine- year-old daughter and his eleven-year-old son, he commits to doing something extraordinary: to forgive. Chris’ story is the cinematic tale of how a person can forgive despite the retaliatory tendencies that surface within the darks corners of the human heart showing the world that hope, love and forgiveness can overcome all when you make the decision to just let it go.

JUST LET GO The film is set to open in select theaters on October 9th and it is an epic and inspiring film that tells the true story of a devoted father whose wife and three children are killed by a 17 year-old drunk driver, but who makes the grace-filled decision to forgive the young driver and allow him to live a productive life of love, friendship and reparation.

In an effort to promote the powerful message of forgiveness, Fathom Events will be hosting a one-night-only theatrical event, A NIGHT OF FORGIVENESS on September 28, 2015 at UA Falls 12 Theater. The event will use music, film and live discussions to highlight the dangers of drinking or texting while driving, the positive power of forgiveness and the need for this core principle in our lives and in our society. Riveting personal stories and experiences will be shared and attendees will be moved to build their lives on this bedrock Christian principle.

Outersparkle and Allied Faith & Family are pleased to giveaway 2 pairs of passes to the Monday September 28th Live Event to the 8pm screening held at United Artist Falls 12 Theater in Miami. 2 Lucky subscribers will win a pass for 2. You must be 18 or older to enter, no purchase necessary and void where prohibited.

To enter to win the passes leave a comment below on Why do you think forgiveness is important?

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