A Day of inspiration at Miami’s first “Becoming a Woman of Influence” Conference 

By Jennifer Zabalo

I cannot wait for the next Woman of Influence Conference! What a great way to start the New Year with inspirational messages, worship, and yummy food. This conference opened my eyes to how important Influence really is.

“You were made to influence the world in a way that no one else can.”Jenni Catron

Jenni Catron spoke those words and I immediately got goose dumps. God created each one of use with a purpose, but we will never begin to fulfill it without opening our hearts to Jesus. As a teacher I know God has placed each one of my students in my classroom for a reason, not only to teach them academically but spiritually. I want to be an influence to my students, family, friends, and this conference helped me see, that I can do just that. I want to thank New City church and Pastor Joe Mira for this beautiful blessing and all the guest speakers for sharing their God given gift and for encouraging me to be a Woman of Influence.


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