Get your kids interested in this year’s Presidential Election

Get your kids interested in this years Presidential Election

Published in the September 2016 issue of South Florida Parenting Magazine. 

If you’re the parent of a teenager,than they should be informed about U.S Politics and know the issues that are key in this year’s upcoming presidential elections. Although they may  not be remotely interested in politics, they should already have some opinions on the candidates for each party. The fact is that this President elect will most likely serve as President for two consecutive terms,meaning that they will ultimately be affected by the views and issues and should know the importance of the issues at hand.

A talking point you can begin with at home can be topics such as college debt, taxes or even getting a job after college. Issues they will be facing soon enough. I know most teens don’t care about politics because they think that their opinions don’t matter and that they have no voice. Governmental decisions affect us all, regardless of age and having discussions with them about the issues will help make them informed and help them make intelligent choices when their time comes to vote.

Ways to get your teens interested in this years Presidential Elections

  • Hold a Mock Election at home -this can be a fun and exciting way to teach all ages of kids in your home about elections and our government, preparing them for the real event when they are old enough.
  • Attend a town  hall meeting, debate or forum- Candidates speak at these structured events in front of an audience to discuss specific issues.
  • Volunteer for the campaign – this is a great way to get your voice heard as well as learn first hand about the political process. Local campaign offices are always in need of supporters, interns and volunteers. No need to have experience as they will provide you with training. 
  • Research the branches of government and political parties together-this will open up discussions about what each branch’s responsibility and how each candidate may have served any particular branch.







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