“It’s all about Him” Not about them HILLSONG-Let Hope Rise Review

Christian Film Documentary Let Hope Rise, which chronicles the spectacular & miraculous rise of the Australia-based worship band, Hillsong UNITED,(aka.My Favorite Band!) to prominence, Directed by Michael John Warren. 

The first official trailer was released in 2015 by Relativity, which had the distribution rights. Since than the film was picked up by Pure Flix and the trailer/film have since been re-edited and will be released nationwide on Sept 16, 2016.

In this trailer we see Jad Gillies say as they head into Sony Studios for it’s 11th album, “We’re the biggest band you’ve never heard of.”

This faith driven films tag line is “it’s all about him” in the new part concert part documentary film it really is all about Him! Him, being Jesus. The film chronicles the 30 years of the global Autralian Hillsong Church and its worship band Hillsong United. This film is a theatrical worship experience. If your believer and attend church on Sundays than you’ll feel right at home, and if you’re not a believer or you don’t attend church with a live band, than you may just be in for a treat with Let Hope Rise.

So the film goes behind the scenes with the band members of Hillsong United as we see their ordinary humble lives, the sacrifices and their struggle as you see them do what God called them to do, pointing people to Jesus through their music while sharing the gospel with the world. 

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Let Hope Rise

You’ll see the band prepare for a show at the forum in LA, having spent some time in San Clemente California writing the songs for the Empires Album based on the beatitudes. It’s interesting to see how the band crafts their music, and how Joel Houston(worship leader) struggles to find the biblical alignment when writing the new worship songs. 

This is a whole new experience for the Hillsong United band, yes they are used to selling out mega arenas throughout the world (which on a side note are Amazing, just like in the film) but being front and center in America on a Hollywood screen surely was never their intentions. Once Director Michael John Warren experienced a concert for himself he knew the world needed to experience what he had. Viewers will be engaged with the story and the song regardless of religious belief. 

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