Day 30 – 30 Day Christian Music “Summer” Challenge ‘Rend Collective – Counting Every Blessing’

Day 30 – My final featured artist is Rend Collective with Counting Every Blessing from the Good News Album.

I remind myself every night of how blessed I am! Regardless of each days circumstances I’m thankful for a God who has blessed me beyond measure. I hope that these 30 days of new music has helped you in some way through your daily struggles. If you enjoyed the challenge please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Sparkle on!

Each and every day, He gives us so many blessings to be thankful for. That’s exactly what the lyrics of ‘Count Every Blessing’ from Rend Collective is here to remind us of. When we let go and trust in God, so many incredible things can happen. He is our light and are strength and even when we are at our darkest, God is always by our side. He will guide us and bless us each step of the way.

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