An update on 13 yr old Sarina Bella 2013 X-Factor Contestant

I just wanted to share a follow up on a Blog interview from last month 13 yr old Sarina Bella 2013 X-Factor Contestant.

This is from Sarina’s Facebook page.

Apologies to everyone for not posting the outcome yesterday. We never imagined how overwhelming the process of the audition would be. We were there at midnight and did not get into the building until 1pm. It was cold, but fun to see thousands of people just as excited and nervous as myself. While waiting many were practicing, some sounded great others no so. Nonetheless, it made me realize how many of us strive and are willing to do this in order to follow our passion.
So to the point, once in the auditorium, I was one of the first to be called in to audition. As I waited for my turn, a few were given a golden ticket to go on to the next session, but many more were not. I heard some crying and it made me a little sad.
When my turn came, there were two producers, a man and a woman with a British accent. She complimented my outfit and then asked about myself. They were kind and allowed me to sing my first song, “When I fall In Love“, once done they asked for another song, (a good sign). I then sang, ” Stay” by Rhinna. They allowed me to finish the songs, another good sign. She looked at me as excited, but the man, hesitated and said something to her. He then told me, you are good my dear, you have an amazing voice. However, you need a bit more, give you a year, and come back. They went on with a few more compliments. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel disappointed at all. My Nana was there, as were my cousins, Clarissa, Justicia, and Soraya. My FB family’s encouragement helped as well. Competing with thousands of people is an intimidating experience. But I got thru it and in the process made many memories, friends, and most importantly brought me closer to my loving family.
Thank you all so very much for all your words and love. If you look at the show at some point, you may see us holding a poster, “Team SarinaBella”, as we waited in line. We danced and sang while outside, I believe they filmed some of that as well.

I am still moving forward on my quest so please stay in touch and see where I am headed. I have been asked to attend a recording session and check it out. BTW there are more options than just the X Factor 😉
We have just begun!-Sarinabella ♥

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