“HILLSONG UNITED” Makes Their American Television Debut on The ‘TODAY SHOW’

As I posted in yesterdays blog, the announcement of Hillsong UNITED was to appear on the TODAY Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on April 2, making their first American Television debut. Kathie Lee and Hoda first introduced the band during it’s ‘Do you believe’ series, with “imagine this, an auditorium packed to the rafters with hand raising energetic fans rocking out to a live band, but its no regular concert its a weekly spiritual experience with over 50 million people participating all over the world.” Yeah, that’s pretty impressive i’d say! Co-Pastors Carl Lentz and Joel Houston of Hillsong Church NY were introduced in there very ‘unassuming attire’ for pastors. KLG mentioned that

“on any given sunday you can see Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman or Vanessa Hudgens in attendance”.

Joel Houston and Carl Lentz are lead pastors of Hillsong New York where they strive to offer a unique and vibrant church experience to thousands. They believe the success of the Hillsong church is because everyone needs love.

Watch the full interview HERE

The second segment of the show they reintroduced Carl and Joel again to make an announcement, which I didn’t get. Joel talked about a film to be released in September 2015 which documents the life of the band, which I believe to be “Let Hope Rise” film that is to be released on May 29th. They did not mention the name,thus my confusion. Regardless the Hillsong worship band sang its latest release ‘Touch the sky’ from the soon to be released album “EMPIRES” which was beautiful!

I applaud NBC for taking the initiative to branch out and showcase faith based programming, with the upcoming 12-episode premiere of A.D. The Bible Continues on Easter Sunday. Having a band like Hillsong on American broadcast television is huge, and I hope that more Christian artist will have the opportunity to showcase their God given talent and positive messages to the secular audience. So many young and old are unchurched and have no idea what the bible says, with a bit of positive biblical influences I believe there can be a shift in our culture.

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  1. […] April 2,2015 Joel Houston and Carl Lentz the co lead pastors of Hillsong Church New York appeared on the TODAY Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda. Joel is the worship leader for the Australian Christian band Hillsong United. Then that was their first live American broadcast television appearance of the band, which performed at the time “Touch the sky” from their Empires Album. You can watch that video here. […]


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